Happy Healthy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! I’m usually not one for celebrating Halloween, but my girls were so excited about the upcoming festivities that it was difficult not to get carried away. To celebrate, I thought it’d be nice to make some Halloween inspired healthy treats for the family. Ginger wasabi filled […]


Healing morning mojito

Mojitos and healing surely don’t belong in the same sentence together. But then again, for those who love the cocktail maybe it’s the epitome of healing, melting all their stresses and worries away and leaving them with a warm fuzzy feeling. But that’s not the type of healing […]


Protein packed autumnal dal

My lovely mum recently visited me after five years of living in an ashram in India. To say a lot has happened since the last time she was here is an understatement. Since her last visit we’ve bought a house, had two beautiful girls and settled into domestic, […]

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The benefits of meditation

I started to meditate almost four years ago, 10 months after my eldest daughter was born. Just like the serenely gorgeous Angie Kane in the video below explains, it was a question I’d pondered to myself time and time again……maybe I should meditate? I generally have quite a […]


Sleepy snoozy smoothie

On Sunday’s, I work in a community hospital pharmacy until 9pm. Needless to say, it takes me some time to wind down and feel sleepy after my shift has finished. Typically, on any other night, I’m tucked in, all cosy, ready for luscious slumber to take hold, by […]


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